Corinnas true Bergwandergeschichten

Anm. d. Red.: Diese geniale Übersetzung verdanken wir dem AltaVista-Translate-Dienst. Das Ergebnis könnt ihr hier unverändert genießen (und euch alle Englischkenntnisse versauen ;-)

   Christopher in the Huettendilirium


During a mountain migration to the Soiernhaus in summer holidays ' 97 stores themselves Corinna, Christopher and Bernd after long march at a desk outside vorm Soiernhaus and enjoys the evening sun. There the Corinna (like Christopher means) the weak-intimate thought comes to note everything that says Christopher. Said, done! Fast to pin and paper accessed and drauflosgeschreibselt (kritzel). And here is the result; naturally unchanged. (there one sees times, as praktisch's is to keep old note stuff!) Assertion in each case under it in parentheses (except, it is logically or completely illogical; -)

  • Thus a chese sandwich, teil'n we us.
    (Christopher has hunger, wants bread with Corinna to divide)
  • Ago with the Zaster.
    (cash requires fuer's bread)
  • For Murat.
    (there one in the Soiernhaus with each order to say must, for whom it is, Christopher invents a suitable name)
  • I did not know at all that one inhaliert chese sandwich.
  • Squeeze.
  • Because you bloed are.
  • Sharply? Those is salty.

  • (... the sausage)
  • It was even faster finished, although I had the smaller half.
    (Corinna ate faster: Surprise)
  • Now I am already whole bloed!

  • (fact!)
  • Doesbaddel!
  • Hechel, hechel, more sabber, more sabber.
  • Here the pekelnde Priesi comes.
  • Thus Mach further.
  • I hectar I hectar I said, I have still hunger.
  • Perhaps perhaps you should buy a hearing aid.
  • Finished socks.
  • Bernd, which notes Corinna already again all scheiss, which I said here.

  • Now it also still began ' ne new page.
  • Give me times your Aufschneider.
    (Christopher requires for Corinnas taschenmesser)
  • Oh, smells after Gamsscheisse.
  • I said Gamsscheisse!
  • I wuerd times continue to write, Corinna, gell.
  • Gamsscheisse, ham ' also the cooling looked up.
    (with " " he means the Gaemsen, which cooled in the snow)
  • The whole " hole " is fully Gamsscheisse.
    (hole: see under Corinnas hut directory , Soiernhaus)
  • No,!
  • Buah, me graust's already, if we must up-run there above!!!
    (Christopher regards the opposite summit)
  • Absolutely stupidly, which you write there, I cannot help myself.
  • I excite ' me more drueber, because you also still note the imbecility, which I talk.
  • Meanwhile talk ' I only imbecility!!!
  • The angel man left a quite pervoesen message of itself:
    (note d. talk: Because of absolute Unflaetigkeit one omits)
  • Buoah, it straeubt itself.
  • Now stop gives, you Gamsscheisse.


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